Insurance Quotes Multi Car: Is it Worth Requesting?

Do you have multiple cars and want to purchase car insurance for every car but don’t know how? Perhaps, you are scared the price is too expensive. 

Stop worrying over that matter because some insurance companies already have multi-car insurance. It only takes you minutes of surfing the internet until you find companies with the best insurance quotes for multi car. 


What is an Insurance Quote Multi Car?

To understand the meaning of insurance quote multi car, first, we need to have a good knowledge of multi-car insurance. So, what does multi-car insurance mean?

Multi-car insurance is the type of insurance that lets you insure more than one car under a single policy. It means you can get the usual value for a-single car insurance but you will get a discount for the other cars you add to the policy. 

By this definition, the insurance quote multi car is the approximate price for your multi-car insurance based on the information you provided to the insurance agent. With this, you can determine if the price is worth it or not.

Types of Multi-Car Insurance

Each company has different rules and policies regarding their insurance. Overall, there are 2 types of multi-car insurance. Those types are:

1. One Policy Covering All Cars

Buying this type of insurance seems a bit easier because this type of insurance makes sure all of your cars have the same insurance coverage and renewal dates. However, since companies have different rules, make sure to check your agreement first.

2. Linked Policy 

Meanwhile, in linked policy, it’s like buying different insurances but everything is under one name. Thus, the renewal dates, the prices, the benefits, the adds-ons, etc will likely differ from one car to another.

The two policies have their advantages and disadvantages. Between the two of them, you have to choose which one is more suitable for you. Don’t forget to check the insurance quotes for multi car before you decide.

Which Companies Have the Best Insurance Quotes for Multi Car?

After learning the definition of multi-car insurance, now you might be wondering, which company has the best insurance quotes for multi car? Here, I have accumulated the insurance company with a good price and customer review for you to make a decision.

1. State Farm

With a price of $272 per month and a discount of up to 20%, State Farm is one of the best choices in multi-car insurance. Their value doesn’t just lie in their good price and discount, they also have exceptional customer service agents. It’s no wonder State Farm stays as one of the best insurance companies.

State Farm will give you an insurance agent who will help you with everything you need for your insurance. Be it asking for insurance quotes for multi car, or answering your questions related to insurance products. It even goes as far as helping you to keep up with all of your cars in the multi-car insurance.

Since State Farm is the biggest insurance company in the U.S., it’s crystal clear that this company is trustworthy and offer great value to its customer.

2. Geico

As the second biggest company, Geico is a good choice for multi-car insurance. Geico’s average monthly rate is $268 and they offer a great amount of discount too, it’s 25% for multi-car insurance. Isn’t that amazing?

Moreover, Geico has an easy mobile access website that allows you to check updates on their policies and asks for an online insurance quote for multi car. With great value for money, big discounts, and online accessibility, Geico has it all. These reasons are why Geico made it on this list.

3. Nationwide

This company offers a price of $288 per month and gives a discount of around 20% for you. The price is standard but they have a really good feature on their mobile application. You can add or replace cars from your multi-car policy via a mobile application.

Nationwide is also known as a one-stop shop with a good amount of discounts. Therefore, if you want to keep all your insurance in one company, Nationwide is the place to go. You can start by requesting insurance quotes for multi car as the first step in buying their insurance.

4. Liberty Mutual

With the price of $506 per month, Liberty Mutual might be the most expensive insurance company on this list. Keep in mind that each state has different prices, so in your region, the price could be lower than that.

For multi-car insurance, the discount is 10%, which is quite high compared to other companies. Thus, you still get a good value if buying insurance from this company. The customer satisfaction rate is also standard, so they are worth trying.

You can compare their insurance quotes for multi car to other companies to make sure whether you want to buy insurance from Liberty Mutual or not.

Multi Car Insurance Pros and Cons

Before deciding to buy multi-car insurance or not, here are some of the pros and cons of multi-car insurance:


Putting all cars under one policy means simple paperwork, as you only need to read and sign it once. Some policies will also allow cars not in the same address to be in multi-car insurance. So, for those whose children are in different cities, no need to worry about anything.


If all cars have the same renewal dates and you have to pay for them at the same time, it might be too burdensome for you financially. Aside from that, if someone not careful be in charge of the policy, you might accidentally sign in for a high price. It’s better to ask multiple companies for insurance quotes for multi car before deciding.

Is it Worth Requesting Insurance Quotes for Multi Car?

The answer is yes, it’s worth requesting. Especially if you own multiple cars and want to get insurance coverage for all of them. Because rather than paying for individual car insurance, buying multi-car insurance will give you plenty of discounts. Thus, saving a lot of your money.When you request insurance quotes, make sure you request from many companies, so you can compare them at the same time. Find the company with the best insurance quotes for multi car. Don’t just look at the price but also consider other things such as services and accessibility. Let’s choose insurance companies now.


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