Harness the Best Tow Truck Insurance Quotes: Must Know!

Strong and affordable tow truck insurance quotes are vital for tow truck service. It protects the commercial vehicle from the unexpected and keeps you safe from small financial catastrophes. However, not all insurance providers offer tow truck insurance for commercial and personal use.

Finding the right wrecker insurance is also not easy since many companies have their own factors to determine eligibility. It is because the high-risk tow truck and even some insurance limit its coverage in several states. In our article, you’ll find the cheapest quote for your tow truck business that suits your needs!


8 Cheapest Tow Truck Insurance Quotes

Many insurance providers offer wrecker insurance quotes at various price points. Even though all of them are basically the same, the coverage and price points that offer may vary depending on the provider. However, it usually costs around $448 which comes up to $5,376 annually.

In addition, several factors can determine the tow truck insurance quotes. For instance, tow radius, tow truck type, business age, location, truckers, driving records, vehicles hauled type and the number of owned trucks. Now, let’s see some of the recommendations of the most affordable wrecker insurance providers.

1. CoverWallet Tow Truck Insurance

The first tow truck insurance that comes to our list is CoverWallet’s tailored insurance. It includes commercial auto, personal injury, hired or non-owned auto, physical injury, and uninsured/underinsured driver coverages. Aside from that, this tow truck insurance can be canceled anytime with no fees.

Furthermore, the company has a website and mobile app that offers the convenience to pay for insurance and obtain proof of insurance online. However, the only downside is it’s unavailable for high-risk tow trucking businesses. For the pricing, CoverWallet offers the most affordable at $440/month.

2. Thimble Wrecker Insurance

Next is Thimble which costs $450 per month. This provider offers tailored towing insurance that encompasses short-term general liability coverage. It also allows towing businesses to add commercial auto coverage and business equipment.

In addition, Thimble also allows policyholders to buy a policy, pay the premiums, and obtain proof of insurance online. Unfortunately, you can only file claims online.

3. State Farm Towing Truck Insurance

State Farm Wrecker Insurance is a great option for those who need insurance coverage for break-down roadside assistance and cost around $465.89 monthly. Upon request, it’ll be deployed to help fetch the client’s tow truck. 

Emergency roadside service also covers a wide range of risks and liabilities and encompasses mechanical labor expenses. Furthermore, it helps with towing disabled vehicles, the cost of items required to bring it to a drivable condition, and locksmith labor. But this roadside assistance has limited coverage for businesses.

4. Geico Wrecker Insurance

Looking for a carrier that gives help when the towing truck acts up? Then Geico is the best option for your towing business. Its tow truck insurance provides convenient service for emergency road assistance coverage. It includes semi-truck towing insurance, and you can ask for help using the Geico mobile app.

Geico’s app offers filing assistance within two minutes, a 24/7 assistance solution, a service tracker, and a GPS locator. Additionally, the road service insurance offers emergency coverage, which includes towing, tire changes, battery jump starts, locksmith services, and gas deliveries. 

Unfortunately, it has an average quotes process and the app isn’t available in all states. Regardless, it still has other benefits. Overall, its insurance quotes are $472.38  per month.

5. USAA Tow Truck Insurance

Are you a military serviceman or veteran who operates a tow truck business? It’s time to leverage your identity to get USAA truck insurance. This company offers the right protection for physical damages and third-party liability that involve personal cars, trailers, buses, trucks, luxury cars, etc.

In addition, the roadside assistance coverage will cover flat tires, vehicle deliveries, fuel deliveries, towing disabled tow trucks, battery jumpstarts, and locksmith service. Lastly, it cost $485  per month for only military personnel and their families.

6. Allstate Towing Truck Insurance. 

Allstate wrecker insurance costs $487 monthly which offers a good coverage policy range. It includes liability coverage, collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, and underinsured/uninsured driver coverage. Similar to other insurance providers, it also offers 24-hour roadside assistance with expedited roadside help 24/7.

The downside of these Allstate tow truck insurance quotes is the cost is more expensive than other companies. There were also some mixed customer testimonials about its insurance. Regardless, it can be the best option for tow truck businesses who search for easy access online customer service online.

7. Progressive Wrecker Insurance

Costing $490  per month, progressive is a great option for those preferring insurance from a reputable company. Its tow truck insurance is a go-to insurance provider for towing companies and commercial trucking. Its package will include third-party liability, medical payments insurance, and uninsured/underinsured motorists.

Moreover, this insurance provider offers coverage to the vehicle you’re towing. Plus, there’s Garage Keepers Legal Liability that covers the disabled vehicle stored in the garage. But it has pretty average customer satisfaction due to its higher insurance costs.

8. Nationwide Towing Truck Insurance

Nationwide Insurance offers dependable wrecker insurance coverage and add-ons that cost around $505  per month. This insurance will protect against liabilities, collision coverage, medical expense coverage, comprehensive insurance, and uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. 

Remember that tow truck insurance quotes are only available in selected states. With its reliability and fame, you can rest assured that your plans are underwritten by an insurer with unmatched financial backing. 

Aside from that, it has quality customer service of 24/7 claims reporting, available via phone, local agent, online, email, and mail.

Have You Found the Proper Tow Truck Insurance Quotes?

As you know, the towing industry has tremendous risks. Thus, to lower these risks, you need insurance for better protection for you, your vehicle, and your business. We know it’s not easy knowing where to begin. But to start, you can see our recommendation above.

Remember, you should simply choose the cheapest one. Thoroughly comparing each provider is vital. So compare each insurance provider about its pricing and coverage that suit your needs. Lastly, we hope our recommendation of tow truck insurance quotes can help you to discover the right one!


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