Yard Maintenance Atlanta: Types of Landscaping Insurance & Tips to Buy It

Are you running a landscaping business? If so, complete your business by buying landscaping insurance that offers coverage based on your business needs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small business or a large-scale business, buying insurance has become an obligation. Especially if you are running yard maintenance in Atlanta.

Buying insurance is no longer just to meet business needs but also to comply with mandatory Georgian government regulations. Small businesses that must have insurance are at least have 3 workers who work regularly, both part-time and full-time. 

The government of Georgia requires business owners to have insurance as a form of financial responsibility. Knowing that insurance offers coverage with many benefits can encourage businesses to continue to grow and exist.


Business Risk

If you have been in the yard maintenance business for a long time, you will understand what risks are often faced. Talking about risk is not only the risk faced by the company but also the risk of your employees during their duties.

The yard maintenance workspace is the property of the client or a third party so there is a risk of getting a complaint or lawsuit if an accident occurs. Lawsuits were also filed because your services did not complete the work as requested by the client.

Workers also have a high risk because they always use heavy equipment at work. They can be injured in an accident, stung by bees, exposed to chemicals, and many other risks. If bad things happen to your business, then you as a business owner must be responsible and pay compensation.

You can take it easy if you have purchased a landscaping insurance product because the coverage provided can cover some of the losses mentioned above. Choose an affordable monthly premium rate so it makes it easy to pay for it and can protect your business well.

Types of Landscaping Insurance

Yard maintenance Atlanta owners can consider the types of landscaping insurance below as excellent protection options. Please read carefully to get a thorough understanding of the coverage provided.

1. General Liability Insurance

The first protection recommendation for your yard maintenance business is general liability insurance or GL insurance. This type of insurance is almost always the choice for landscaping business owners as it provides coverage for damage to the client’s property and personal injury.

Some benefits of coverage that you will get if you pay for this policy are as follows:

  • Billing of client medical expenses
  • Attorney fees if you get a lawsuit from a third party
  • Repairs on damaged properties
  • Property replacement

Keep in mind that the above coverage of medical expenses is not intended for workers who have accidents and bodily injuries. Medical coverage is for clients who are injured by an accident in the area where your business operates.

If your business has an ad injury problem, your insurance provider will cover the legal fees for the lawsuit. Coverage for advertising injuries includes internet posting, pamphlets, and ads. 

The yard maintenance business is also prone to accidentally damaging the client’s property. If this happens, you can claim insurance to compensate for damage to the third party’s property.

2. Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Yard maintenance Atlanta business owners should also purchase workers’ compensation insurance. Buying workers’ compensation insurance enables you to protect workers while carrying out their duties in the field they frequently use machinery, heavy equipment, and chemicals. 

Workers’ compensation insurance offers coverage for medical expenses if a worker has a work-related accident that causes bodily injury. Workers who are in the process of recovering and they cannot come to work will receive compensation for missed wages.

Interestingly, your business will also get legal protection from insurance providers if you get lawsuits from workers who get into accidents. In other words, workers’ compensation insurance does not only provide benefits to workers but also protects the company from risks that are vulnerable to threats.

3. Contractor’s Tools and Equipment Insurance

Also, consider purchasing contractors’ tools and equipment insurance for your yard maintenance business. Your business equipment needs regular maintenance so it won’t damage easily. By ensuring business operational tools and equipment, you will not incur maintenance costs using your personal money.

Not only will it cover maintenance and repair costs for tools and equipment, but contractors’ tools and equipment insurance will also replace tools that are lost, damaged, or stolen. Remember that only tools and equipment that are under five years of use can get this insurance policy.

Tips to Buy Landscaping Insurance

Atlanta yard maintenance business owners who want to buy landscaping insurance must know some essential tips. Let’s have a view below.

1. Know Your Business Risks

The first tip is to recognize the business risks that the yard maintenance business often faces. Generally, the risks often faced by yard maintenance business owners are client complaints, lawsuits from clients for causing accidents, or accidentally damaging the client’s property.

By recognizing all of the potential downsides above, you can choose the protection that offers coverage based on your business risk.

2. Shop Around

Yard maintenance small business owners have the opportunity to get the most affordable quotes and coverage offers if they are willing to make a few sacrifices. You can shop around by visiting several insurance provider websites.

Get quotes and coverage offers by completing your true information. As a result, you can also compare which insurance offers affordable premium rates with comprehensive coverage.

3. Ensure Coverage is Up to Date

Every insurance policy has a validity period. If you extend or renew the policy, be sure to update the coverage that your business requires. Businesses are very likely to experience changes from time to time. Therefore, you also have to be responsive to these changing needs so you can provide relevant coverage.

Which Coverage Suits Your Yard Maintenance Atlanta Business?

To sum up, having business insurance is an obligation imposed by the government of Georgia on business owners. Buying landscaping insurance will not make you lose because it provides many benefits.The main key when buying an insurance policy is detail in understanding the coverage provided. So, you can choose an insurance policy that provides coverage relevant to your business risks. Business insurance for yard maintenance Atlanta business owners comes in a wide selection of competitive premium rates. Get your quotes now!


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