Roof Cleaning Insurance: for Homeowners and Cleaning Company

Summer has come and it’s the perfect time to consider your roof cleaning insurance. Roof cleaning is an important aspect of your property’s longevity. It is also overlooked by property owners until something is wrong or someone points it out to them. So if you want to know more, keep scrolling and find the information! 


What is Roof Cleaning Insurance?

Roof cleaning insurance is essentially a form of anticipation from any long-term liabilities regarding the roof cleaning process. The roof cleaning process is bound to happen because your roof is exposed to the elements.

With that in mind, there are two people in need of this insurance. A property owner and cleaning company that includes roof cleaning services.

Roof Cleaning Insurance for Property Owner

As a property owner, whether a house or a business building, it’s common to hold roof cleaning insurance. Over time, some dust, algae, moss, lichen, and mold are building up on your roof. Not to mention your gutter system.

In some cases, your home insurer actually requires you to clean your roof before you can renew the insurance, or worse, they can simply just cancel the policy. This is because they want to prevent any problem that might happen on your roof that they don’t want to be responsible for.

Protecting your property with a separate layer of insurance can also bring you a sense of security. By knowing that any loss will be compensated either by your insurer or by the roof cleaning company that you hire.

At the end of the day, holding roof cleaning insurance is for your own good. Here are some aspects you need to account for before getting roof cleaning services:

1. Homeowner Insurance

This is typical insurance for homeowners. It includes dwelling coverage, personal property coverage, additional living expenses, and liability coverage. Liability coverage is important here to prevent you from any liability for worker injuries and property damage during the process.

2. Personal Property Coverage

If you have valuable items such as artwork, jewelry, collectibles, etc., you might need to assess this coverage to your insurer exclusively. Some roof cleaning processes might use chemicals that can harm your valuable items.

3. Umbrella Insurance

Having umbrella insurance is always good for another layer of protection. It provides additional liability coverage than homeowners insurance.

Roof Cleaning Insurance for Cleaning Company

Cleaning a roof is dangerous enough, let alone cleaning somebody else’s roof. If you decided to open your own cleaning company, especially one that includes roof cleaning services, take note of this insurance you might need:

1. Property Damage Insurance

You know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Likewise, some roofs can be older than how it looks and that’s a perfect formula for disaster. Homeowners should provide you with important data such as how old the building is, but not all people know this stuff, even if it’s their home.

Getting property damage insurance will provide you with peace of mind that if damage to the structure ever occurs, you have an insurer that pays the loss of your client.

2. Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Providing your workers with insurance is considered mandatory by law. It provides coverage for medical expenses, work-related injuries, and illnesses, disability coverage, etc. 

3. Equipment Insurance

Equipment Insurance provides protection for your specialized equipment. Your ladder, pressure washer, and maybe your business’s own safety gear can be a target for theft, damage, or loss quite often. Thus, getting insurance specifically for equipment can be a good idea.

4. Injury to Third-Parties

Working on the top of a building can be dangerous for not only the workers but also for people around the area. Some equipment can roll off the edge quite easily and possibly hit somebody when it falls. This type of insurance can cover such problems.

5. General Liability Insurance

It is a must-have insurance for a roof cleaning company. It provides many insurance policies, such as property damage caused by your employee, bodily harm to the clients, legal defense costs, and court judgment requiring you to compensate aggrieved clients.

Not only that but being a policyholder of general liability insurance actually encourages more clients to work with you. 

Those are some specific examples of insurance for your consideration in the context of roof cleaning insurance. You don’t always need specific insurance for a particular situation, because insurance can vary in terms of policies and limitations. Some might already include other situations, and of course, insurance can be layered.

Insurance Can be Layered

As discussed, the insurance property holder can layer the insurance. But what should you do to layer it? Find the answer by reading the explanation below. 

1. As a Homeowner

It’s best to provide your valuable possession with insurance. Roof cleaning insurance could already be included in the homeowner insurance, but discussing it specifically with your insurer can be helpful just in case it is not included. This ensures your safety when the time comes you need roof cleaning services.

Furthermore, it provides layered safety in case of an incident. Ensure there is your homeowner insurance and the roof cleaning insurance provided by the cleaning service you hire. Both insurances are equally important at play.

2. As a Cleaning Company

There is a considerable amount of insurance that you need to handle. You need to provide your business with insurance and provide your clients with your own insurance.

Some clients may ask about the insurance that you hold and depending on that, they will decide their safety to use your services. More often than not, you need professional liability insurance to assure them.

Professional liability insurance can cover a client’s claim of your mistake that resulted in financial losses. This insurance provides safety for your company in case of misrepresentation, negligence, missed deadline, violation of good faith and fair dealing, also other acts constituting errors and omissions.

Individuals (such as clients or homeowners), usually rely on their home insurance. But when there is a third-party working on their house, they will also rely on the third party’s insurance. This is how insurance can be layered. 

Have You Considered Getting Roof Cleaning Insurance?

It’s never too late to get one for your home, because roof cleaning insurance is a long-term anticipation. Ensure to get a reputable insurance company and take a close look at the policy, the risks, your profile, and the premium to get your most trustworthy and beneficial insurance.


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