Do Speeding Tickets Raise Insurance Premiums? How to Reduce It?

When driving a car on the road, make sure you obey the traffic signs. Also, drive at maximum average speed to avoid getting a speeding ticket. For those of you who have auto insurance, you might be wondering about “Do speeding tickets raise premium insurance?”

Speeding is a form of driving violation because it can cause a single accident or an accident with other road users. Accidents due to speeding can destroy cars or even damage other people’s property. 

Seeing the potential losses incurred as a result of this violation is very large, it is possible that speeding can increase your monthly auto insurance premium rate. 

To get the whole insight into the speeding ticket discussion, you can keep scrolling through the article below. Let’s dig deeper!


Do Speeding Tickets Raise Insurance Premiums?

As we all know, driving history will affect the monthly premium rate of auto insurance. So, what if it’s your first time getting a speeding ticket? Is your auto insurance monthly premium going to increase right away?

Generally, those of you who get a speeding violation for the first time are unlikely to get an increase in the monthly premium rate. Usually, insurance companies will provide tolerance for one violation. First-ticket forgiveness programs are also implemented in some states in the United States. 

Drivers may speed up because of emergencies, taking sick family members, or other urgent needs. Furthermore, the insurance company will not immediately find out about the violation you have committed. They will only find out the history of driving violations when you renew the insurance policy.

Evidence of speeding violations will be added to the motor vehicle record (MVR) and will only be recorded if you have already paid for it. The insurance company will check your MVR when you renew your insurance policy. Through the results of the motor vehicle record, the insurance provider will determine if you are a high-risk driver or not.

Hence, getting a speeding ticket will not automatically increase the monthly premium rate. An increase in premiums may be applied when the policyholder wants to renew the auto insurance policy. Moreover, the increase in premium rate will also check how often you violate traffic.

Things You Need to Do After Getting a Speeding Ticket

Hopefully, the explanation above can answer the question “Do speeding tickets raise insurance premiums?”. In order for the insurance company to assess you as a safe driver, please do the following things so your premium rate does not soar when you renew your insurance policy later.

1. Drive Carefully

Road users should drive carefully so they don’t endanger themselves or even others. Driving carefully is also beneficial because you have the opportunity to get a more affordable monthly premium rate. 

Policies regarding speeding tickets vary from country to country. However, speeding ticket policies in US states will be repealed after five years. The more careful you are while driving, the better your driving history will be.

As a consequence, you are also entitled to an affordable premium because you are not a high-risk driver. Insurance companies will not often cash out claims so they don’t bear many losses.

2. Take a Defensive Driving Course

The next way to avoid increasing your premium rate when renewing your policy is to take a defensive driving course. How does that work? During the course, you will receive training on how to deal with psychological factors that can affect your safety while driving.

The psychological factors in question are controlling emotional stress, fatigue, road rage, and coping with unnecessary stress. Additionally, the defensive driving course instructor will also direct you so you can develop positive attitudes while behind the wheel. Hence, the defensive driving course will make you more focused while driving.

This activity provides many benefits and will make you drive even better. As a result, the driving history was clean of violations. 

Through the defensive driving course certificate you obtain, the insurance company will consider you a competent, responsible, and careful driver. As a consequence, the opportunity to get an affordable premium rate is higher.

3. Shop Around

Do speeding tickets raise insurance can be overcome by switching to another insurance provider? Choosing to switch to another insurance provider can be an option because many insurance companies offer competitive premium rates.

Thus, switching to another insurance company does not lower the premium rate due to a violation ticket, but allows you to get a more economical offer. To get affordable premium offers, you can shop around. Visit some of the insurance company’s official websites, then fill in your personal information and your city or country ZIP code.

By shopping around, you will get accurate quotes and coverages based on your needs. Make a list of premiums to make it easier for you to compare the rates offered.

4. Review Discount Options

Every customer wants to get cheap premium offers with fairly comprehensive coverage. You don’t hesitate to ask for discount promotions for insurance officers. Please also ask for this discount option with other insurance providers.

Furthermore, those of you who have more than one vehicle can also combine these vehicles into one auto insurance policy. Usually, the policy offers a more affordable premium rate.

Do Speeding Tickets Raise Insurance Post Helpful?

To put it briefly, the holder of an auto insurance policy must drive carefully even though he already has the protection that will pay compensation in the event of an accident. A history of accidents and various other forms of traffic violations will affect the auto insurance premiums you have.

To emphasize, do speeding tickets raise insurance premiums automatically? Well, the answer is no, because the premium increase may apply after the policy is renewed. A bad driving history gives a high probability of getting more expensive premiums even if you move to another insurance provider.

However, if you want to find an insurance provider that provides a cheap premium rate, then you can do a comparison by filling in your personal information. Next, the insurance company will do the calculations and provide quotes and coverage.

If you have ever received a speeding ticket or other traffic violation, then you can try to apply some of the tips mentioned in the article above. 


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