Reddit Car Insurance Comparison: Tips and Tricks to Do

Getting the right insurance can be a little messy sometimes. There are so many companies that offer insurance for your car. Whether it’s your brand new insurance or you’re trying to switch insurers, Reddit car insurance comparison can be a good place to start.


What is Reddit?

Reddit is a worldwide forum discussing a wide range of topics. Within the forum, Redditors (Reddit users) mainly tell stories about their experiences (or maybe just funny post) anonymously. Hence, Reddit car insurance comparison considers trustworthy companies in this forum.

Reddit car insurance comparisons are usually found under subreddit such as  r/personalfinance and r/insurance. Redditors also give each other’s advice for better financial activities by giving comments about their own experience.

Reddit Car Insurance Comparison

We will focus on car insurance comparisons by Redditors. Reading their story will provide us with an insight into how the insurance company actually works. Here are some insurance companies mentioned on Reddit. 

1. Progressive Insurance

Progressive Insurance is the third-largest insurance company in the United States. For over 80 years, Progressive Insurance have been specialize in auto, home, renters, motorcycles, small businesses, commercial auto, boat policies, and more. 

One story was brought up to light by a Redditor that goes by the name probocisjoe. In the thread, probocisjoe is switching insurers from GEICO to Progressive. After getting a brand new car, within three days period, a pretty minor incident in a parking lot happens.

Progressive covered the claim and then probocisjoe surprised by a 60% increase in premium for the next renewal. Knowing something happen in the past, probocisjoe takes the 60% increase, but a new piece of information comes in. It is an 80% increase for the next six months. 

The problem was, Progressive is relying on LexisNexis for car reports. LexisNexis is a legal data analyst working for companies and even the government. In this case, the car report was faulty, and two separate accidents happens instead of one. After the dust settles, Progressive lowers the premium by 21.35%.

2. Erie Insurance

In a Reddit car insurance comparison, Erie Auto Insurance is oftentimes praised by its customers. Typical insurance companies usually raise the premium rate over time. Initially, the only auto insurer, Erie Auto Insurance actually rewarded their loyal policyholder with a feature called Erie Rate Lock.  

Erie Rate Lock keeps your initial premium rate, even if a claim ever occurs. Your rate will get adjusted when there is an actual change in the policy, such as reducing or adding a car in your name, or changing your resident area. 

A Redditor called 75footubi has been enjoying insurance from Erie Insurance for over 20 years and stated “no complaints”. A user caturdayz commented, “Been with them for 12 years now.” and later adds, “Erie was the best combination of excellent customer service reviews and price.”


Another one from Reddit car insurance comparison is USAA (United Services Automobile Association). A Redditor jinxlover13 that is also a satisfied customer of USAA, stated that “If you have anyone in your family that is military, it may be worth getting a quote.”

USAA gets props from the Redditor for the best customer service. In the worst snowstorm, USAA still prioritizes customers’ well-being after an accident and proceeds to do whatever is in its power to solve the problem as soon as possible.

These are little snippets from the vast discussion within Reddit car insurance comparison in r/personalfinance and r/insurance. Some Redditors despise one service and the other may praise them (it’s anonymous anyway). For better consideration, Redditors also presented tips to one another.

Reddit Car Insurance Comparison: Insights

Using these presented insights by the Redditors, there is a good chance you’ll get the best offer just for you:

1. Negotiate

A Redditor that goes by the name Redcarborundum once experienced an unfortunate event. After being a loyal customer for more than 15 years, all of a sudden, the car insurance he was holding increased by $100 a month (that’s $600 in a six-month term).

Knowing this, Redcarborundum called the insurer 4 days before the due date. The problem was, one driver’s license was not verified. So he did the process again and the waiting game begins. The process takes 2 days to complete, in the meantime, Redcarborundum decided to call for a competitor’s quote.

Within his own car insurance comparison, the Reddit user found out that the competitor’s insurance was $10 less than the initial premium. Two days later, the premium amount still hasn’t changed.

Provided with a better option, Redcarborundum stated to his insurer that there is a better option. After more adjusting, the customer service stated that it was not going to be $100, but $20. 

Still unpleased by the statement, he later said that it was better to cut off the insurance. The customer service later forwarded his call to an agent, and the premium amount didn’t move a penny.

2. Shop Around

For better car insurance comparison, Reddit users often go “Shop Around” for insurance. This tip is considered beneficial, for policyholders called tenshillings. The comment stated, “Don’t stick with any company.” under WasteProfession8948’s comment regarding “Shop Around”.

3. Discounts

One of the obvious ways to get a cheaper rate is by applying discounts, though this is often overlooked by property owners. Even in the Reddit car insurance comparison forum, discount reminders still flying around. 

This is because the policy for discounts is very varied between states, track records, military-related, elderly persons, and even students. 

4. Deductibles

Deductibles are the amount of money you need to pull out of your own pocket before the insurance covers the rest. This is still a debate inside the forum because taking the maximum amount of deductible lowers your premium rate. Whereas taking the minimum amount of deductible does the opposite.

If you are a good driver, taking higher deductibles is considered better because less money to pay for the insurance in the long term and vice versa. 

Willing to Do Your Own Reddit Car Insurance Comparison?

It’s always a good thing to get up-to-date for better insurance quotes. Trying to negotiate and apply the discounts is a good place to start. Better yet, you get to know your insurer a little better.


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